Why recruiters are like Marmite

Why recruiters are like Marmite

We provide market insight and career advice

We speak to candidates and clients on a daily basis. We conduct competitor analyses and map industry trends, so we’re able to give you a clear picture of where you stand in the market and advise on your options.

Even if you’re not actively looking to recruit and just want to find out how your current commission structure and base salary compares, we are a great source to reach out to.

We have our own inhouse database

We have a varied and diverse candidate pool, we can also talk and approach passive candidates that aren’t technically looking for a new role.

You’ll have a recruitment partner working with you every step of the way

You’re 70% more likely to secure that candidate if you have a good relationship with a recruiter that’s working on your behalf. Building a relationship with a specialist recruiter will allow you to have that trusted link and help your business stand out.

We will also give you specialist tips on how to prepare for interviews, negotiate with candidates on your behalf and be that familiar face you can count on during their onboarding period.

We work for both HR candidates and clients across all industries, loving nothing more than matching great HR Professionals to great employers!

If you have a HR vacancy please call or email us today, so that we can match great HR candidates to you.

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