How not to lose your staff in 2022

How not to lose your staff in 2022

How do we know?

Because during this time, we have spoken to a number of recruiters both internal and external and as a result, we have had an incisive insight into the industry.

Here’s what we learnt…

  1. Hiring great talent will continue to be the number 1 priority

No surprises here then.

But this is an issue. Because if you haven’t tried to recruit in the last 12 months you probably assume it’s going to be as easy as it was.

If you have tried to recruit in the last 12 months know it’s not.

And so you’ve probably started doing other small things to help the cause.

Here’s an insight into the collective mentality of virtually everyone in the world.

Life’s hard right now.

The best companies have realised it.

They’ve stayed in touch with their staff and made them realise they’re not only important, but can take some time to adjust.

In some cases employees have had pay rises, more time off than normal and mental health support. They’ve had furlough payments topped up to normal salary. They’ve had ‘no zoom days’. They’ve had understanding.

In the majority of other cases, they haven’t.

And so on top of working harder for the cause, and finding the resilience to turn up repeatedly when everything’s crumbling around them, they now feel like they’ve been taken for a ride.

Being there for your staff isn’t easy, particularly if the current market.  It’s a lot of hard work. But it’s work that pays off massively, both in the short term and long term.

Inclusion and Belonging matters!

Chances are if your reading this you are near the top of the chain, you have a rare opportunity to be the change in the world you want to see.

If we’re ever going to reach true equality we need to make direct and considered steps on that path. But what you’ll notice as you take those steps is this…

It’s rewarding. Both financially, which is good news for your accounts, and emotionally.

It shows you have a strong moral compass and aren’t afraid to take a stand and show the world you care about the fight.

Get this right and your employees will be more bought-in to the values of your business, because they’ll align with their own. And if they’re more bought-in, they’re less likely to leave.

Meaning attrition will drop.

Retention will rise.

And ultimately both the people you hire, and you as a result, will be more successful.

A growth strategy needs to be factored in!

“We’re looking to double in head count this year alone.” This is a phrase we have heard a lot over the last few months.

But look, whilst we understand the intention to double in size is great, sometimes it’s purely revenue generated.

And that’s great, but the more staff you have, the higher the burden on the rest of the business.

It means Accounts will be busier, the hiring managers will be busier, so will HR, if you have HR. If you don’t, shouldn’t you?

You know the saying ‘people leave people’?

Well right now your people are highly sought after in the market. So start thinking about how you can offer them a compelling enough reason to continue their journey with your business.

If you don’t, they’re about to become bombarded with opportunities elsewhere. In fact they probably already are.

We are slowly coming out of the pandemic and your people need to know they have support in place, should they need it.

It’s incredibly unlikely people will ask for more support.

They’ll bury their heads. They’ll fold under the weight. They’ll look for another job. And they’ll find one. And by the time they’re handing in their notice, a lack of support will be one of their reasons.

Something to think about hey?

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