HR Director

With forward vision and meticulous regulatory knowledge, a good HR Director is a real gem to find. This person is instrumental in your company mission and employee care. Therefore it’s so important that the human matches the organisation; in experience, values and practices. 

With over 30 years of experience in HR and recruitment, we understand how instrumental HR Director recruitment is to the performance of a business. Your organisation is likely to have very specific needs depending on your circumstances. You may need someone who can manage change as part of transformation or growth. Or perhaps someone with specific industry knowledge, who can breathe new life into your culture or training strategy. These are factors that go beyond experience and qualifications, but are crucial to successful long term recruitment. 

With our dynamically connected network of potential candidates, we are uniquely placed to match your HR Director vacancy with the right people. We can then manage candidate relationships to ensure that the application process runs smoothly from both perspectives. With our tools and support during the recruitment process, the stress is taken out of making this high level appointment. For more information or an informal chat about how we work and what we can do for your organisation, just get in touch.

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